This blog is a collection of Jim Woolfrey’s occasional thoughts and comments and references to things related to content and marketing and strategy.

Jim WoolfreyBy day, Jim is a marketing strategy and content strategy consultant. By night, when he isn’t trying to finish up the things he didn’t finish during the day, he is dad to three good, solid, and occasionally disrespectful kids (two of whom he addresses as “knucklehead” and one of whom he calls “noodlehead”). He started and still helps organize the Content Strategy PDX meetup group, and occasionally plays with bicycles, boats, motorcycles, old pickup trucks and welding tools. Several times a year he goes camping, and once in a long while he goes golfing, fishing or sailing. And although he often dreams of exotic adventure, you’re more likely to find him on a Saturday morning quite happily making pancakes for his kids in a mid-50’s ranch house in suburban Portland, Oregon.  All that, and he has recently discovered the pleasure of writing about himself in the third person.

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